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Tel.        08000 43 52 61

email:  info@absassurance.co.uk

Absolute Assurance operates to the highest standards in terms of quality of service delivery and outcomes.  It is fully cognisant and compliant with the Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act and the principles contained with the Regulation of Investigative Procedures.  It is also fully compliant with all equality and diversity legislation, principles and practice. Absolute Assurance is regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of Insurance claims investigations.

Absolute Assurance upholds and enforces the highest standards of principled, ethical and professional practice.  


  •    Fraudulent claims.
  •    Cash for crash scams.
  •    Benefits fraud.
  •    Lifestyle investigations.
  •    Evidence gathering, Child Support enquiries.  
  •    Technical and human surveillance.
  •    Tracing lost friends, relatives, suspects or debtors.
  •    Sickness/absence misuse, feigned injury - illness
  •    Grievance, disciplinary, discrimination, harassmant enquiries              
  •    Prove or disprove business associates, employees, friends are being    dishonest/insincere.
  •    Witness escorts
  •    Alibi investigations
  •    Evidence gathering for specific litigation pathways.
  •    Spousal or partner relationship issues.
  •    Goods and services are being sabotaged, disrupted, damaged/stolen.
  •    Background/reality checks for potential customer, employee, acquaintance.
  •    Vehicle, Home, Office debugging.
  •    Process Serving-Divorce papers, statutory demands, Affidavits, injunctions.
  •    Property Recovery.
  •    Cheque book, credit card recovery.
  •    Threat, security, generic risk assessments.
  •    Environmental offence enquiries
  •    Test Purchase/Mystery Shopper


  • Surveillance

Our human and technical surveillance services can provide significant evidence to support investigations involving suspected infidelity and cheating partners, the actions of employees, business associates, employee sickness absence cases, benefits abuse/fraud.

We provide detailed reports with video, photographic or other corroborative evidence obtained during the course of the investigation. Our investigators only use the most up to date equipment and techniques.  Criminal evidence files prepared to Police/CPS standards to meet disclosure and prosecution/defence requirements.

  • Matrimonial, Relationship, private investigations

If you are living with the fear of infidelity in your relationship, you need answers. We realise that contacting a private investigator to check on the behavior of a loved one may well be a difficult decision to undertake, however living with fear, doubt and uncertainty in your relationship is clearly far worse. Absolute Assurance  can restore confidence in a relationship, or, if the worst of your fears are justified, it can give you facts and evidence to help you move forward. Matrimonial or personal relationship issues our operatives will always act with the utmost discretion, confidentiality objectivity and fairness.

  • Missing persons, probate enquiries, heir tracing

Absolute Assurance can locate old friends, ex-spouses, parents and relatives. Whether, corporate, civil, criminal or probate, we have the expertise to establish the whereabouts and exisistence or otherwise of individuals whether in the UK or further afield.

  • Background reality checks.

Considering an individual for employment, or a person you want to do business with, you should be interested in checking his or her personal background. Such checks provide an invaluable objective validation of residence, studies, qualifications, business activities.

  • Corporate theft, fraud or misdemeanor

We can investigate problems ranging from internal theft, theft of funds, parallel trading, unscrupulous competitors, intellectual property right infringements. We assist clients to identify threats, both internally and externally, that compromise profitability, competitiveness, growth and sustainability.

  • Process Serving

Absolute Assurance can respond quickly to spontaneous as well as pre planned requirements to find named individuals to facilitate the service of process documentation.

  • Road Traffic Accident/injury/traffic offences investigations
Our services include the investigation and reporting on all forms of motor vehicle related incidents/accidents/offences. 

To include:

  • - Taking of detailed statements for civil or criminal litigation (Defence or Prosecution)
  • - Thorough examination of all factors and subsequent production of written,  photographic/video documentation to include observations, conclusions and recommendations.-Completion of vehicle damage reports
  • - Completion of and consideration of medical reports
  • - Completion of full written reports highlighting any failure to comply with road traffic accidents or health and safety.


Tel.        08000 43 52 61

email:  info@absassurance.co.uk