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Our investigations coordinators are available from 8am - 9pm, ready to take your call, answer any questions you may have and offer free practical advice in the strictest confidence and with no obligation.  We fully appreciate that you maybe apprehensive about contacting a private investigator but be assured of the highest standards of professionalism, discretion and confidentiality.


In today's society, sadly honesty can be rare commodity, the truth can be very evasive. Dishonesty costs companies, public services and private individuals their reputation, success, image, dignity AND millions of pounds/tax every year. 

At Absolute Assurance, we will ensure that you are always in possession of the provable, evidenced, facts. W provide a comprehensive range of bespoke services, tailored and flexible to suit your specific brief and budget.

Whatever your needs, our highly experienced investigators will provide accurate, effective and efficient outcomes to facilitate peace of mind, answers and solutions.

Specialist Investigators in

  • Infidelity Cases
  • Child Support / absent parent tracing
  • GPS  Vehicle Tracking
  • Environmental Crime Investigations
  • Accident Claims Management
  • Covert Surveillance Specialists
  • Experts in information and intelligence gathering

Service level Provision

A Comprehensive range of investigative Services available to address short term or protracted issues, simple, complex and/or sensitive in nature.

Experts in information, intelligence and evidence gathering, analysis and presentation.

Corporate, Civil, Criminal, Public or Private domain solutions.

Bespoke services, tailored to specific briefs and budget.

Absolute Assurance provides its clients with accurate, auditable information to support subsequent evidence based decision making processes.

Other Services
  • Fraudulent claims.
  • Cash for crash scams.
  • All types of benefits fraud.
  • Technical and human surveillance. Covert, static, foot and mobile.
  • Tracing lost friends, relatives, suspects or debtors.
  • Sickness/absence misuse, feigned injury - illness.
  • Prove or disprove dishonesty, disloyalty, insincerity.
  • Vehicle, home, office debugging.
  • Process Serving-divorce papers, statutory demands, affidavits, injunctions.
  • Local authority Environmental crime enquiries.

Absassurance Detectives/Investigators

  • Professional, Experienced, Diligent, Discreet.
  • Vetted.
  • Mature, skilled and experienced individuals.
  • Proven backgrounds.
  • Distinguished service careers.
  • Exclusively from  police, military or security service.

Absolute Assurance operates to the highest standards in terms of quality of service delivery and outcomes.  It is fully cognisant and compliant with the Data Protection Act, Human Rights Act and the principles contained with the Regulation of Investigative Procedures.  It is also fully compliant with all equality and diversity legislation, principles and practice. Absolute Assurance is regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of Insurance claims investigations.

Absolute Assurance upholds and enforces the highest standards of principled, ethical and professional practice.  


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